Uganda-cropped For more than twenty-one years, Reverend Greg Vinson has faithfully served as the Senior Pastor at Elim Community Church in Bath, Maine. Greg is a man who truly has a heart for not only his church, but his community. This is more than evident with his involvement locally, and through the state of Maine.  A sample of his services include: He has served since 1999 as the Chaplain for the Bath Police Department.  For the past decade, Greg has been  the Co-Director of the Maine Law Enforcement Chaplain Corps.  Finally, Greg is the acting Chaplain for the American Legion.

Greg served with distinction in the United States Navy as a Corpsman, for over ten years.  The bulk of his time was spent with the 4th Marine Air Wing, as well as the 2nd Marine Division.  This included service in Beirut and Grenada.

Education: MA Theology, BA Theology (Minors in Greek and Islamic Studies), AA Nursing, AA Medical Laboratory, AA Computer Sciences